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Trump Vows to Help Mexico Wipe Its Drug Cartels “Off the Face of the Earth”

Nine members of an American family who live in Mexico, including six children and three women, were killed by Mexican gangsters.

This is a terrible tragedy. But making emotional vows that will not be kept and sending American troops to solve Mexico’s problems is a bad idea.

8 thoughts on “Trump Vows to Help Mexico Wipe Its Drug Cartels “Off the Face of the Earth””

  1. We know this is what he says and how he reacts – Most people realize Mexico has to solve the problem – maybe this will get the ball rolling. Huge problems across the border. If this continues (and it isn’t too promising that it won’t), tourism, especially from the US is going to dry up and they will have bigger problems. Very sad what is going on.

  2. Some Dems are outraged because they believe that Israel is responsible for “genocide” of a people who are better armed than most Americans, but where is the outrage that Mexicans ambushed and killed 9 or more UNARMED Americans?
    Shall we punish Mexico, send our troops there to find the culprits, or send CIA operatives to bring them all to justice? We do all that when other nations allow American citizens to be killed or who are killing their own people.

    It’s hard for people living outside the SW borders to understand how scary these cartels are and what they might do.
    Think that they live on the other side of your town, across the park, and that’s where these violent, cold-blooded killers exist for us in Arizona and Texas. A short drive and they are in our neighborhood, doing whatever they like.
    Ordinary citizens arm themselves with 38’s or 45’s but they are no match for the AK47’s and worse that the Mexican cartel members use.

  3. Here is Mexico’s profile as outlined by Insight Crime. Insight does a great job reporting about crime in Latin America.

    Some time ago the USA brought some Mexican law enforcement to the US to give them the latest military style training. These officers returned to Mexico and joined the Los Zetas Cartel. The cartels will go to the the police/military and ask them if they want lead or silver. Working for the cartel pays better that the government. They take the silver.

    Also, good people who run for mayor of a town or village while making a promise to go after the bad guys will be killed as soon as they take office. In that kind of atmosphere who wants to be a honest mayor or police office.

    I agree. Sending US troops down there is not the answer.

  4. I see nothing wrong in what President Trump said, offering to assist wipe out the cartel menace will maybe shame Mexico to actually do something about it! This is why Trump was elected, to protect Americans and our country. It was women and children who were slaughtered, all while Tucson decides to be a sanctuary city, it’s madness! Shaming the Democrats for their callous attitude towards the emergency at our border cannot hurt, but at this point Democrats are beyond shaming. Mexico gets millions of dollars in aid from us, if they cannot do the job, someone else may have to.

  5. The problem is that there are far too many Mexican politicians at every level who are taking bribe money from the cartels, some of whom have become very wealthy by taking the cartel money. They will make it near impossible for any cleanup of that mess. But we have to try.

    1. Mexico needs a ‘civil war’ to clean itself up… Reshape the nation of Mexico (we get Baja and parts of the north to form new US states-territories)

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