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Elizabeth Warren Agrees That Israel is Committing Genocide in “Palestine”

Where is the outrage about this?

Elizabeth Warren listened Tuesday in Iowa as someone in an audience recited a litany of evil supposedly being committed by the United States, including supporting “genocides in Palestine and in Yemen.”

Meantime, the guy craps on the U.S. military, calling it the world’s biggest polluter of any organization in the world, and says, “United States sanctions on Venezuela caused over 40,000 deaths.”

Warren not only fails to correct him, but she agrees with him, nodding in as he speaks and answering, “I like your frame on this.”

How is it even conceivable that such a person could become president. Where is the commentary from the press?

Where are my fellow Jews, so many of them liberals? No doubt their hatred of Trump Derangement syndrome will cause them to vote for this walking catastrophe for Israel should she become the Democratic nominee.

What a shame. Because what could be more immoral and repugnant than accusing the Jewish state of genocide?

10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Agrees That Israel is Committing Genocide in “Palestine””

  1. Many words run thru my mind to use in making a comment on these two.
    But they are despicable and foul so I’ll just keep quiet.
    Oh and it’s President Trump that’s anti-semantic.

  2. “I like your frame on this.” What does that mean, Poke? “I want you to like me?, “I want to say something empty and friendly so I can move on quickly,” “I am an anti-Semite?”

    All three?

  3. There is a huge swath of hard left Democrats who are absolutely anti-Israel, and here we see more evidence of that bigotry from these two Democrat fanatics.

  4. Consider the source Keith. Elizabeth “Forrest Gump” Warren is like a chameleon. She will become whatever anyone needs her to be. Kinda like the late and unlamented Barack Obama.

  5. To be a Jew I would think you have to stand up for Judaism….

    These people aren’t Jews anymore… they are someone raised in a Jewish home or raised in the faith.

  6. You honestly think Warren thinks Israel is committing a genocide in Palestine? Or that—regardless of what she believes—her intent was to voice agreement with the audience member on that specific point? It’s a lazy response, from Warren, but this is an even lazier analysis.

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