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Trump Schedule || Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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  1. Agua Prieta, Mexico and Douglas, Arizona border crossing(south-east of Tucson).
    What you won’t see on the MSM: Reports and video of the massive shootings happening in Agua Prieta that has caused the death of at least 5 Americans in Mexico today. A major drug cartel war is raging there and AZ authorities have advised all Americans to avoid going to Mexico until further notice.

    1. TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News 13) — Police in Douglas are warning people to avoid unnecessary trips across the international border because of reports of gunfire in Agua Prieta.
      According to a post on the Douglas Police Department Facebook page on Monday, Nov. 4, the department “received reports of sustained automatic gunfire in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.”
      A news release from the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office said the gunfire was reported at about 3 a.m.

  2. And this is precisely the kind of country the Dem’s want to turn America into by open borders.
    Although Chicago is pretty much a good example of what’s going on over in Mexico.

  3. Nothing motivates you better to solve YOUR problem as when you can’t run away from it to somewhere else.

    There is a change happening in the ‘physics’ of the border and the closing of the border will create some reactions — expect them — gonna be worse —

    Look at Berlin wall (BTW — Dummacrats that is not the same as the wall was to keep people in) but it does show that behaviors changed once the wall was up — the people of the ‘bad side’ of the wall could not easily get to the place on the other side very easily and the number of people moving across the border decreased.

    Look in your neighborhood… walls work

  4. Horrific murders of mothers and children, some children may be missing, yet the Democrats see no border crisis. Our border should have been secured the day after 9/11/01 when President Bush had the perfect opportunity to do so. Mexico is a third world country, and its leaders are corrupt to the bone.

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