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Beto Quits the Democratic Primary

Well, he said he was born to do this, as he began the primaries. But apparently, he was born to do something else

Let’s give some credit to Democratic voters. They figured out that this guy is a phony.

And he can’t get elected Commissioner of Ant Hill Removals in Texas after his talk about confiscating guns.

11 thoughts on “Beto Quits the Democratic Primary”

    1. To be honest, I wish someone with legs would run against Cornyn. O’Rourke could not be any worse than Cornyn is, nor than Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Ppptttuuuiiii) was. At least O’Rourke doesn’t deceive people about his liberal intentions – all of which are shared secretly by Cornyn, and doesn’t stab the party’s members and voters in the back as Hutchinson did by poisoning the original Border Fence. Before that, we had Phil Graham, who is responsible for the 2008 Financial Crisis thanks to repealing Glass Stegal. Texas’s Republican Senators until Mr Cruz have had a sickening track record.

      1. There are many who can not stand Cruz. Out of state pro abortion money flowed to Robert Francis because they were anti Cruz. Anti ARA money from all over the country will send money to Robert Francis.

        1. Cornyn does have an opponent who looks pretty good: Dwayne Stovall is running against him in the GOP Primary. Stovall seems to be a legitimate old-line conservative, as opposed to the neo-cons who’ve consumed the label for the past few decades.

  1. Harris quit today too. She just did it in her usual incompetent way.

    And based on the way Biden was begging for cash yesterday he will not be flying private anytime soon.

    1. Kammy’s out? Biden’s begging? Beta bailed? So, it’s clash of the socialist titans: Burnie verus Fakeohontus.

      Unless the Hillary Monster climbs from the depth of the Swamp.

    1. Joe sooooo blew it!

      Would have continued to get cushy paid gigs… no issues… hair smelling good times and everything…

      I think he will continue to get the $ but for Hunter Biden he will have to live off the $20M from China, et al and the Biden Dynasty will die with Joe.

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