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Rep. Jim Jordan Outlines GOP Impeachment Defense: Nothing Happened

It’s true.

When you consider whether this was so serious that it merits removing a president, you have to consider a few immovable facts.

Ukraine got its money. As far as I know, there was no serious effort by the Ukrainians to investigate what President Trump wanted to have investigated.

And it’s not even clear that the Ukrainians knew that they hadn’t gotten the money.

There was talk. It wasn’t great. I don’t like a president pushing foreigners to investigate his political opponents.

But nothing happened.

And BTW, the investigation Trump sought was legitimate, even if he should have left it alone and surely not, as Mick Mulvaney admitted, tied investigating possible Democratic collusion in 2016 with Ukraine to foreign military aid.

But still, nothing happened.

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  1. If this is misinformation, apologies, but I read in the “Somewhere Times” or equivalent that Trump got involved in this when he asked Ukraine why they had stopped THEIR investigation of Biden & Son.

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