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The Squad and Auntie Maxine Pressure Zuckerberg to Censor Trump Ads

This is one of the few times I’ve ever felt sorry for Mark Zuckerberg, whose arrogance and false humbleness when he’s caught doing something wrong tire me.

But he seems to understand what it means to live in a democracy much better than a few of our favorite leftist, dumb, and leftist/dumb lawmakers.

Wednesday, he was repeatedly pressed on whether he would take down political ads that contain lies – i.e. President Trump’s ads.

These Democrats, who are always busy accusing Trump of preparing to institute fascism, want to prevent their opposition from making its case.

Weeding the lies out of political ads means, well, there would be no political ads. This is about eliminating Trump’s ability to campaign.

11 thoughts on “The Squad and Auntie Maxine Pressure Zuckerberg to Censor Trump Ads”

    1. Which is the prerogative of the owner of WHD.
      An editor’s job is sorting between appropriate and IN appropriate. I wish some other sites would clean up the language they allow to be used; mercifully there is none of that here.

      Some censorships are dandy!

    2. Is that so srdem? Like which comments? You’ve got to be kidding me. I provide this site for you for years to comment on and you accuse me of censorship. Give the comments that were censored.

      Removing certain ad hominem attacks and wanting some decorum, deleting gross language and comments put up merely to destroy and suppress the conversation is not censorship.

      1. Gonna have to back Keith up on this one.

        Despite my occasional use of some fairly blunt language, I can’t remember anything I’ve tried to post, which just flat-out went poof.

  1. @Nina: I respect your opinion, but disagree with it. Free Speech is exactly that, not just speech we approve of, not just the right words, and not just the right opinions.
    Censorship is deciding who is allowed to eat at a public commercial restaurant, it’s about whether it’s ‘hateful’ to wear a MAGA ball cap, and whether it’s OK to donate your own money to a certain candidate.
    Christian and Jewish beliefs are being censored as “hate speech” while atheists try to eliminate any belief opposite to theirs.
    When elected members of Congress try to persuade a private citizen to censor what the POTUS says or believes, then we…the little people…don’t have a chance unless we object wholeheartedly.

  2. You know, when I see Mark Zuckerberg starting to sound like the adult in the room–and when the room in question is a Congressional hearing room–I have to reluctantly conclude that our country is in seriously deep shit.

  3. A couple of the Dems implied he was a racist and a homaphobe…one asking him if he knows the sexual orientation breakdown of his workers, in an effort to ensure Facebook’s decision-making process is equitable. (?!) Imagine that conversation in the workplace.

    The Dems are buffoons.

  4. The problem is that people like Waters are not civil or respectful when they are questioning someone they do not agree with or like. It is incredibly unprofessional and counterproductive. We see it a lot from some members of Congress and it really needs to be addressed and corrected.

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