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Video || Trump Campaign Wants Hillary Clinton to Run; She Might Just Do That

“We encourage Hillary to get back into the race. We would love it. Please do,” said Trump campaign Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany during an appearance on Fox News.

She also seemed to agree that Hillary could not win the Democratic primary. I’m not so sure.

I think Hillary is seriously considering getting back in, given how bad the current field is. I’d give it about a 40 percent chance of happening.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are too far left to win, and Joe Biden does not seem to be, well, in the proper condition to make this race. And he’s not raising any money.

That would leave a lane wide open for Hillary Clinton to run as a moderate. A new poll out showing Biden back strongly in the lead among Democrats is less about Biden than a yearning for someone other than the leftists and the rest of the group in this campaign.

I think Hillary could win the primaries, if only by default. And though she would likely lose again to Trump, she might well be his strongest challenger. So Republicans should be careful what they wish for.

McEnany also predicted that Elizabeth Warren will win the Democratic primary, and seemed to relish Trump running against her socialist agenda.

4 thoughts on “Video || Trump Campaign Wants Hillary Clinton to Run; She Might Just Do That”

  1. I’d like to see a poll with him vs. her. Fox is still showing Warren, Sanders and Biden defeating Trump in the range of 50 to 40. Go figure.

  2. Nope.
    The only way she gets the nomination is after a stalemate at the Dem convention. She doesn’t have the support anymore, so it’s unlikely she can garner enough votes.
    IMO, if none of the current candidates make the cut, a ‘dark horse’ enters. One of the wealthy, White men lurking behind the scenes could just be the one.

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