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Video || Sean Spicers Latest Turns on Dancing with the Stars

Looks like he’s still on the show. Maybe he’s winning, I don’t know. Doesn’t do much dancing here.

He looks “almost regal,” the DWTS folks declare. But, yeah, not quite.

Here is dancing as a cowboy.

I dunno. I was in on the joke the first time, but I’m kind of thinking it’s time for him to get out.

10 thoughts on “Video || Sean Spicers Latest Turns on Dancing with the Stars”

  1. Sour grapes, Keith. We know you wish you were on that stage. (Wink, wink)

    I wish I knew Sean. He seems like a fun person who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s the Unlike-Hillary in that he doesn’t brood and make excuses. When this is over, he’ll find some new adventure.

  2. I have a friend who is voting for him, and encouraging others to do the same regardless of whether they watch the show. She’s doing it to drive the libs crazy and I’m sure she’s not alone.

    1. She’s not alone. But I do watch. :-)

      He’s never going to be a dancer, but he does improve each week and has never been in the bottom two. He has a cute personality, and surprisingly gets the same warm reception the other “stars” do.

  3. WOW he did GREAT with that Viennese Waltz! As a former Ballroom dancer, I can tell you we actually WAS dancing. You’re forgiven Keith as I’m pretty sure you’re not a Ballroom dancer. :-)

    1. Thank you Sailor! Writing a book is a major endeavor, I don’t have one planned at the moment. I may significantly update the Obama Scandals book though once the review of the Russia probe is complete.

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