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Kamala Harris Accuses Giuliani of Breaking Laws but Then Can’t Name Any

Alright. Score one for Anderson.

It comes at about the 1:00 mark. Just look at the fear in her face as she’s asked to name a specific crime and know she’s got nothing.

11 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Accuses Giuliani of Breaking Laws but Then Can’t Name Any”

  1. The insufferably arrogant Kamala Harris types are not used to being questioned about their statements. They have learned over the years that they can lie, accuse, make up stuff about and attack anyone they don’t like. They want to destroy anyone who disagrees with them and their local media will protect them and cover for them when they do it. But when these types hit the big time on the national stage, they don’t get away with that behavior as easily.

  2. Harris is guilty of breaking the unwritten laws of cheating: always maintain secrecy so the innocent parties aren’t humiliated or hurt.
    With her admitted sexual affair with MrsBrown’s husband and her surprising rise in CA government, she is guilty of a lot of things.

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