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This is What Happens When You Don’t Have an Impeachment War Room

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney went out to the press room today and admitted what the White House has been denying, that there was any “quid pro quo” involved in withholding funding for Ukraine.

He gave Democrats part of what they wanted, an admission that Trump was keeping money back in exchange for Ukraine investigating whether it has the DNC server that was hacked. Later he tried to walk it back. Sorry, too late.

The big prize would be an admission that the money was withheld to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. But Mulvaney denied that was the case.

What Mulvaney admitted strikes me as something everyone already knew, which is evidenced by the transcript of Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President Zelensky. Trump brings up money, then he brings up the server.

Is that so bad? He’s not probing a political opponent. He’s trying to get to the bottom of what happened in 2008, which benefits him mildly in that it takes away the notion that he was colluding with Russia. But that already has been disproven, or at least proven unprovable. And as Trump suggested in the call, there were other problems with giving Ukraine aid, including the need to investigate corruption in Ukraine and the failure of other European nations to pony up any money. I think Trump is just obsessed with the server and the possibility it was Ukraine, and not Russia, that was behind the hacking.

It was Zelensky who brought up Biden in the call, not Trump.

But now Trump’s problem and his public relations situation has worsened. The White House has proudly touted its lack of a “war room,” an organized effort to combat impeachment. They say Trump can do it alone, and no doubt Trump thinks so too.

I covered the Bill Clinton impeachment. It was the incredible organization of the White House effort, including a consistent message, coordination with Congress and outside allies, and extraordinary game planning, that saved him. All run through a “war room.”

If Trump had allowed this, Mulvaney would never have wandered off the reservation. Now there is alarm both in the White House and among Republicans on Capitol Hill.

I still think it will take more for the Senate to convict Trump after he is impeached by the House, which he will be. But after this, it takes a little less.

12 thoughts on “This is What Happens When You Don’t Have an Impeachment War Room”

  1. There is NO impeachment trial going on, there will NOT be an impeachment trial this year or next year.
    So he held money back? There’s no evidence to prove that because the money was already in the forward payment mode.
    As long as MrTrump holds on, he will be reelected and then…who knows. If the Dems take the Senate, then it will happen, but not before that.
    IMO, of course.

    1. Correct.

      Keith I’m not sure what any “war room” requirements would done about a professional like Mulvaney purportedly making a gaffe of telling the well-known truth to the press. Either he knew exactly what he was doing for the President, or else he knew exactly what he was doing for the anti-Americans running the Congress and media. Either way, Mulvaney’s words were no accident. I expect we will soon know whether he is yet another mask-wearer or an actual honest man… there are few of those in Washington, and one of the most honest is living in the White House.

  2. “I covered the Bill Clinton impeachment. It was the incredible organization of the White House effort, including a consistent message, coordination with Congress and outside allies, and extraordinary game planning, that saved him.”

    Difference being back then the impeachment inquiry was actually voted on by the House to properly begin the investigation…including due process, the other sign having the ability to cross-examine witnesses, etc. etc.

    What the Democrats are doing now is none of that, and nothing short of a coup attempt.

    1. It’s nothing short of the Democrats CONTINUED coup attempt (fixed it for you). The hatred, vitriol, dishonesty, and criminal behavior of the Democrats has been going on since the day that President Trump took office. Those of us who voted for DJT are angry at the hypocrisy of Democrats and RINOS, meanwhile the Democrats get a pass for truly criminal behavior. With all the taxpayer money given to other countries, why is asking them for help in uncovering possible crime A CRIME? This is tearing the country apart.

      1. Agreed on all accounts. And if the Republicans back then were conducting a secret trial, shutting out the other side and selectively leaking favorable testimony — all with the full support of the MSM — I wonder how effective Clinton’s “war room” would have been.

    1. No kidding. And hey, I just happen to have the perfect excuse, if I do say so myself.

      West central Florida, the I-4 corridor from Orlando out west toward Tampa/St. Pete, is a swing region in a swing state, and we get a LOT of national candidates going through here.

      So, Keith, if you need a bit of warm weather in the middle of another bleak DC winter, come on down to the Sunshine State, and spend a week or two talking to the locals. Field research, if you will. :D

  3. Rush made an intriguing point today: that once this leaves the House, they lose the issue.

    Essentially, they’re making impeachment a latter-day sword of Damocles.

    They can’t get 20 GOP turncoats in the Senate, and they know it. Every senator in there knows what happens, when you go full Bill Kristol.

    BUT. Who says they only need 20? I am not convinced that Manchin, Jones, and possibly even Sinema, would be automatic votes. Short version: there’s no path to 67, either way.

    So, if you’re the Democrats, and if all your candidates are all but waving the hammer and sickle flag, and if you’re trying to hide that from the electorate by screaming “Orange man bad!!!” at the top of your lungs, would YOU hand this whole thing over to the Senate, and let Cocaine Mitch strike the tent of the impeachment circus?

    Not a chance. They want to campaign on impeachment, ergo, they aren’t going to let it leave the House.

    It’s certainly a theory.

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