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Trump Schedule || Tuesday, October 15, 2019

11:45 am || Receives his intelligence briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Vice President Pence
3:10 pm || Welcomes the 2019 Stanley Cup Champions, the St. Louis Blues; Rose Garden

All times Eastern

6 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Tuesday, October 15, 2019”

  1. Ah, yes, welcome the champs.

    For what it’s worth, of the three malcontents from the 2018 Capitals who opted out of the White House visit:

    Brett Connolly is now a member of the Florida Panthers, and through six games played, has two goals and three assists.

    Devante Smith-Pelley is currently an unrestricted free agent, which is to say, he’s unemployed.

    Braden Holtby is still in Washington, but with Ilya Samsonov rapidly moving up the depth chart, Holtby’s days in Washington may well be numbered. He’s in a contract year, and will command a hefty salary next summer, enough to give Washington a salary cap headache. And given his most recent performance–zero saves on three shots, before being relieved, in a game the Caps would ultimately lose 6-3–I would be shocked if he’s not traded.

    But, anyway, back to regularly scheduled programming…

    1. Thanks for the info, interesting.
      Back in the day, I used to listen to the Penquins(Pittsburgh) on the radio. It was amazing how the game callers could explain the movement of the puck, who hit it and where it went, and why someone got a penalty.

      1. Yeah, and to be fair, Tim Thomas never got close to winning another Stanley Cup.

        And the Boston Bruins haven’t won since Thomas’s snub, most recently losing Game 7, at home, to St. Louis.

        It’s almost as if the hockey gods frown on putting politics before politesse.

  2. OT: The Dems tonight
    The Dems are promising a epic throw down for tonight’s debate. Will Sanders attack Warren for being a faux socialist, will anyone question Biden’s son’s ‘ghost job’ created in the Ukraine, will all the Dems insist that our military risk their lives to prove a point , and will they all insist that Trump be impeached for making a phone call?
    I have a new bag of Cheetos at the ready.

  3. I am a lifetime fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The last time they won Lord Stanley’s Cup was in 1967. I was 14. Now 65, I ask only for this, that I get to see the Leafs win just one more Stanley Cup before I die!

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