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Trump Attacks Fox News

A new Fox News poll showed 51 percent want President Trump impeached and 40 percent oppose it.

Trump no like. Said the pollster “sucks.” The poll is a little worse than Trump than some others but still consistent with them.

He then went on to commend One America News, which basically does few if any stories hostile toward Trump, for its “fair” coverage.

8 thoughts on “Trump Attacks Fox News”

  1. He’s right about FOX news. After years of the ‘go-to’ for straight news, the turn to liberal activists has poisoned the network.
    If we want to know what Donna Brazile and her kind is thinking or what the Dems care about, CNN, et al, is at the ready with their slanted, distorted conversation.

    The poll results: Uh, no. The pollsters learned nothing from the 2016 polls that predicted Hillary with a landslide win.

    1. Donna Brazile works at Fox News now. No need to go to CNN if you want to see anti-Trump bias.

      Fox has changed and is now the channel I watch because there is no other — ditto their website, though I do have to option of Breitbart on line.

  2. I’ve seen way too many “conservative” pundits claiming that Trump would “benefit” from impeachment because then when it gets to the Senate he can force all those Deep State schemers to testify.

    Then there are the legitimate observations that impeachment would likely hurt the Democrats, which is why Pelosi has balked on allowing it for the entire past year that The Squad et all have been yelling for it.

    I would not be surprised if that sort of propaganda is affecting the polling, with people answering “yes” because they think it will hurt the Democrats in the next elections.

    1. Exactly. Oversampling any segment of a population in a survey which purports to reflect general opinion on a topic (without counterbalancing or statistically correcting the oversampling) turns the survey into instant junk.

  3. Trump is spot on about that obnoxious, liberal biased, arrogant Shep “rainbow closet” Smith…his 3pmEST show is unwatchable with all of Shep’s snarky biased rantings and all the lefty/anti-Trump talking heads he has on (many I never see on any other FNC show…because of their left wing views…)

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