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Politico: “Impeachment Risks Fading From the News”

Seriously? Ya think?

Politico need not worry. They and the rest of the liberal MSM will make sure that does not happen.

From Politico’s daily “Playbook”:

HOW DO HOUSE DEMOCRATS keep momentum in their impeachment probe? Some worry about that, as the party has mostly retreated behind closed doors to take testimony from various witnesses. Without ready-for-TV moments, and in the absence of fresh allegations from a new whistleblower, impeachment risks fading from the news. Of course, the president is liable to go on the South Lawn and admit to what Democrats consider additional impeachable offenses at any point. But Trump’s power to control the headlines day in and day out is a challenge for Democrats, and it’s not one they’ve quite solved yet.

3 thoughts on “Politico: “Impeachment Risks Fading From the News””

  1. This has all been a joke from day one. The MSM didn’t get their candidate into office. Instead of reporting the news, they became the news. After Trump won, it became we have to get him at any cost. 3 plus years, it’s now we got him this time. Just suspicious to me that everything has gone behind closed doors, which tells me the don’t want anymore egg on their face like after Mueller. It boils down to orange man bad. They didn’t win, and can’t get over it.

  2. The Ukraine issue has proven to be a very dangerous look into how many Dems or their family members have benefitted from devious or even illegal associations from the Ukraine.

    Orange Man Bad seems to be the only thing they all agree is an impeachable offense.

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