In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Jimmy Carter Back to Work After Suffering a Fall

Look at this.

The man was elected president 43 years ago. And he’s building houses.

I hope the houses are less likely to fall apart than the world was after his presidency.

Sorry to be mean. Good going, Jimmy!

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter Back to Work After Suffering a Fall”

  1. Pretty impressive. Our Mom lived until 92 – she was in very good health. Lived alone. Still checked her bank account and medical records on the computer every day. Couldn’t drive so had help with that, but otherwise took care of herself.
    Unfortunately got a very rare virus and the rest is history. Good for President Carter. He wasn’t president material but certainly has lived a good exemplary life.

  2. Wonderful man who keeps on giving it all. Unfortunately he was ill suited to be President, but we still wish him well and speedy recovery.


  3. I remember still when my dad taught me — as kid — in that 1977-1981 timeframe how my saving money for a bike was not going to work out too well as the interest rates earned were substantially less than inflation.

    It was like gravity was not real or that the sun could rise in the west or south or north…..

    The country does not need a good person to be president and Carter was wrong for the job — Patton was right for war… and Trump is right for this time in history.

    Carter did more to screw things up and create so much death over the world and then runs a saw and drill and get some award. The world and our country would need a million homes from him to make up for what he did. Iran, NKorea and also his love for Palestinians and their reighn of terror among many other things.

    A drunk driver might be a good guy but if he kills a car load of kids he killed a carload of kids — the nice guy part is not relevant.

    Similar for Carter. Don’t care if he was a nice guy or not. He did much to harm our world.

    I would not be rude to him but we need not honor him either.

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