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Adam Schiff is the Ideal Enemy for Trump

Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California has been anointed by Nancy Pelosi as the “face” of the Democrats’ impeachment effort.

And, metaphorically speaking at least, what an ugly face! He’s already lied about his contacts with the whistleblower. He sounds partisan and self-righteous on TV.

As he did in the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has been very fortunate with the enemies he gets.

According to the Washington Examiner on Schiff’s “rocky impeachment launch”:

Republicans and President Trump, eager to discredit the impeachment inquiry launched by House Democrats, may have found their weapon in Adam Schiff. 

Schiff, a California Democrat who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was tasked last month by Speaker Nancy Pelosi with leading the impeachment inquiry into the president’s efforts to get foreign governments to investigate allegations against 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden. 

But Schiff, 59, could be helping the GOP weaken the case for impeachment by making critical missteps that Republicans and Trump believe undermine the Democrats’ case against the president. 

Reports surfaced last week that members of Schiff’s committee staff spoke with the whistleblower before the bombshell complaint was filed with the Intelligence Community inspector general who launched the impeachment inquiry. The reports directly contradicted Schiff, when during a Sept. 17 appearance on MSNBC, he proclaimed, “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower.”

The revelation raised serious questions about whether Democrats coordinated with the whistleblower or even aided in writing the whistleblower complaint. While the attorney for the whistleblower flatly denied Democrats had any role in writing the complaint, Schiff’s dissembling hurt his credibility.

9 thoughts on “Adam Schiff is the Ideal Enemy for Trump”

  1. The Dems have created a atmosphere and a dialogue that they hope will turn the public against MrTrump, but it isn’t working. From the youngest to the oldest elected official, the sour faces, the accusations, and yes, the lies aren’t working to their advantage.

    At almost 3 years into his first term, PresTrump is still in good standing with his supporters.

    1. Right as Ukraine was blowing up in their arrogant faces.

      How utterly conveeeenient.

      The whole thing is a manufactured attempt at a media Sturm und Drang, but with the credibility of the American media roughly on par, in my estimation, with that of used car salesmen, this latest will likely be seen by the general public as a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

      I forget who came up with these, but i think they’re pretty reliable rules of thumb when it comes to American media as of late:

      1. The more convenient the initial story is for the ruling class, the more likely it is to be wrong.

      2. The likelihood of a story being false, is inversely proportional to the amount of uncertainty in the initial reports.

      3. The shorter any video that is shown in first reports, the more likely it is to have been taken out of context.

  2. Nancy Pelosi has appointed Adam Schiff as the Judas Goat of her impeach-Trump campaign. She actually believes Schiff will lead the Republicans and Trump to slaughter, with Trump being the first to be slaughtered. By promoting this foolishness 24/7, she’s making the biggest political mistake of her life. Schiff is the one who will be terminated (as happens when it’s time for the Judas Goat itself to be slaughtered–politically, of course. And Miss Nancy will be next.

  3. The Dems are in no short supply of unlikable hypocrites. I saw Susan Rice on a morning show today saying how Trump’s actions are “an assault on democracy” and what Biden did was fine because it was out in the open, whereas Trump tried to hide it(?!)

    How rich…all this from the same Susan Rice who lied about surveilling and unmasking Trump aides.

    1. And don’t forget her Sunday morning appearance on all the shows explaining the “video” in Cairo that was ” responsible ” for the death of four Americans in Benghazi, including the U.S. Ambassador.

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