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Trump Says China Should Investigate Biden and His Son Hunter

Talk about doubling down.

From remarks today to reporters at the White House:

Well, I would think that, if they were honest about it, they’d start a major investigation into the Bidens. It’s a very simple answer. They should investigate the Bidens because how does a company that’s newly formed and all these companies, if you look at — and by the way, likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens.

Because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine. So I would say that President Zelensky, if it were me, I would recommend that they start an investigation into the Bidens. Because nobody has any doubt that they weren’t crooked. That was a crooked deal 100%. He had no knowledge of energy, didn’t know the first thing about it, all of the sudden he’s getting $50,000 a month plus a lot of other things. Nobody has any doubt.

4 Responses to Trump Says China Should Investigate Biden and His Son Hunter

  1. Oh, how they underestimate this man! He is sneaking up on Obama’s tricky deals and they don’t see it.
    Prediction: Soon, the Iran billions-on-pallets event will be the next accusation. Always on the agenda, but held in reserve, the uranium sale to Russia negotiated by Obama AND Hillary.
    Donald J Trump is one of a kind.

  2. It’s fun to watch the Democrats and their collaborators in the media go berserk over this. “How dare Trump ask the Chinese for help investigating the Bidens’ activities in China!!” Obviously, the Democrats and their friends in the media know the Bidens have been up to no good for years and want to protect them.

    • The Dems are claiming Mogul is breaking the campaign law because asking a foreign government help him against his opponent is illegal (thus a justification for impeachment). I don’t see him needing anyone to help him defeat any Democrat. The more they spout off the higher his ratings go plus he is collecting more money.