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Video || SNL’s Unfunny Donald Trump Sketch

It was the season opener for Saturday Night Live last night, and of course the opened with President Trump and impeachment.

Which is fine, except, they’ve had all damn summer for figure this thing out, and they can’t even come up with something funny. I mean, please I get it that your all liberals, but just make me laugh at least.

I like Kate McKinnon’s Rudy impersonation. Beyond that, this is just mediocre stuff.

I immediately turned SNL off after this and put on a true crime show. Far more entertaining.

2 thoughts on “Video || SNL’s Unfunny Donald Trump Sketch”

  1. Mike Pence as the patsy was kind of funny. The ‘male impersonators’ are an inexplicable twist in today’s ‘gender unconscious’ mentality. And, unnaturally, the actions of the parodized President are made to look criminal so that the real crooks get to enjoy ‘top tier justice’ known as ‘law & order-NOT’!

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