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Video || Is Hillary Running for President?

She sure sounds like it in these remarks.

Wouldn’t be terribly surprised, would you? I mean, given her unquenchable thirst for power and the sad group of contenders she would face for the Democratic nomination.

She might just run. You know, because of her “duty” and “obligation” to her country.

21 thoughts on “Video || Is Hillary Running for President?”

    1. Absolutely not. We will never elect two America haters. I get that you are channeling a nightmare. We have one more election cycle to plug the dike of socialism.

  1. A friend suggested to me last night that Michelle Obama will be rushed in at the last minute and everyone will sigh in relief at the chance to vote for Obama again, even if by proxy.

    I could see that cr*p happening. Perhaps with Hillary as VP if her ego can take it? The other way ’round — well, no one has really examined H.C.’s illegal activities — the Deep Swamp has seen to that. So, H.C. might be seen as the best candidate.

    There’ll be no falling down in public this time. She won’t be making public appearances.


      WE do not want a stuck-up, arrogant, American-hating, uppity wookie to be anywhere near the presidency (again)

    2. I’ve wondered if the fanatic D’s would, in desperation, pull some yet unnamed candidate into the fray of the election. Their current cast of candidate characters is so incredibly flawed that even they must know there is no chance any of them will win the election.

      1. Good point Marcus. It’s as though they know they can’t win, so any Dem who might be viable doesn’t want to give Trump a chance to tag them with an unshakeable meme.

        The viable Dem candidates are all waiting for next time.

        The real trouble for us is: who’ve we got who could possibly follow Donald John Trump effectively? We’re in as poor a state as the Democrats when it comes to stalwarts who can command the multitudes.

        1. Don Jr.
          He’s intelligent, speaks well & now has experience dealing with the continuous badgering from the left; from msm to Hollywood & DC swamp creatures.

  2. Hillary hasn’t the physical stamina nor the sobriety to hit the campaign trail.
    I believe the last presidential election proved that, imo.
    She’ll never make it from the starting gate let alone the finish line.
    No matter how much the media and the leftist try to carry Hillary

  3. Politics is all Hillary knows. She has no other discernible or observable skills and achievements in any field. She missed the top political prize–POTUS–and that is eating away at her. It torments her every day. She blames everyone and everything in sight to justify her failure to reach her goal. She will never get over that loss and it may eventually drive her completely mad. Too bad Shakespeare is not around. He could write quite a play about it.

    1. If she weren’t who she is, I would feel sad for her, because it is all her own fault. She would have won the primary – and the election – in 2008 if she had been willing to allow Bill on stage with her. But she was angry with him during that campaign for some reason, so she made the same error Al Gore made, and refused Bill’s help.

      Plus, she snapped at anyone who suggested that her election would put Bill back into the White House – not recognizing that THAT is exactly what “her” voters wanted, was Bill Clinton Term Three.

      Instead, she hauled Chelsey Clinton up on stage with her, using the trademark “Women and girls, women and girls” theme she is still nauseating about in the video above. But Chelsey has no charisma or talent, and looks awkward on TV. Thus, she lost 2008.

      By 2016, the cracks had become visible in Bill Clinton’s Globalism, he was looking old, and Hillary’s abject criminality was in the open for all to see. And although she allowed Bill to campaign for her, she still ignored his advice, and she still could not bring herself to announce that he would be her Top Advisor – her ValJar. Instead, one article talked about how Bill would “mix the drinks” so that Hillary could “negotiate over cocktails”.

      A definition for “Grasping” could be “Hillary Clinton”.

      1. Excellent points. Her distancing from Bill, on the political stage and in other areas of their public lives, might have cost her the race. She’s just so unlikable and awkward in the way she presents herself. Like him or not, Bill, in those years, has the political schmooze she definitely never had.

  4. She’s 71, and was already having health issues in 2016. Her Gollum-like obsession over winning the presidency, ought to be disqualifying in its own right.

    And I don’t think we’ve seen or heard the last of her criminality.

    No, once the public finally understands that the Democrats are tyrannical in their goals and methods, it doesn’t matter who they run: 2020 will be a red tsunami.

    2018 was not a refutation of Trump: it was a rebuke to Paul Ryan and the assorted RINO crapweasels that were getting in his way. Come 2021, with a new House majority, and no more two-faced Paul Ryan send-ups to deal with, we will finally be able to hold the political class to account.

    If Granny Felonia Maojackets does indeed run, then we will have had six of the past seven Democrat candidates for the presidency either named, or running on the legacy of, Clinton or Obama. Enough already.

    And if she did lose the rematch, and more decisively to boot, I’m not entirely sure her liver could handle the volume of liquid consolation she would doubtless require.

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