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Democratic Impeachment Process to Move Swiftly

The Democrats are fixing to fast-track President Trump’s impeachment, according to several reports.

I think they will have this done by the end of the year, at the latest. Possibly by Thanksgiving. And then hand it off to the Senate for a trial.

And make no mistake, they will impeach him. They’ve started down the road, and they will look like fools if they suddenly say, “Oh, never mind.” And their base wants it too much. This has been their dream for three years, since Trump was first elected.

And the Washington press corps everyone here reads will be beating the drum for it nonstop.

They must move fast because they don’t want all this going on during the Democratic primaries. It would move the focus away from all their wonderful candidates. The Iowa caucuses are Feb. 3, so that’s the due date.

The good news for the country as that this will be mercifully quick. I doubt the Senate will vote to convict Trump, because they don’t want to piss off his supporters, whom they need to be reelected. And the facts probably do not justify impeachment.

Unless major new revelations occur, this will be over relatively soon, and we can move from the viciousness of impeachment to the viciousness of the campaign.

10 thoughts on “Democratic Impeachment Process to Move Swiftly”

  1. The Dems have interpreted the Impeachment process as a means to remove a President who is doing more and doing it better than any Dem President could do.
    Orange Man Bad is now another impeachable offense.

    1. That’s it in a nutshell. Try to imagine the fanatic D’s working with the R’s for the good of the country, to ensure our security, addressing the serious issues–domestic and internationally– of our time, etc. Nope. It’s not in the DNA of the D’s to address those issues intelligently and with the best interests of the American people.

  2. I see the Democrats having two problems. They do not have 60 votes in the Senate and over 50% of the population are not for impeachment.

    Question. Why haven’t we seen anything about the Inspector General report about how the Russian witch hunt got started?

    1. I thought the IG report was due early this week. Not sure what’s happening with it. Probably lots of behind the scene politics going on causing a delay.

  3. Unless major new revelations occur, this will be over relatively soon, and we can move from the viciousness of impeachment to the viciousness of the campaign.

    Wow, and I thought I was the cynical one around here. O_O

  4. 1. Treaty 106-06, signed by Bill Clinton, gives President Trump the authority to request Ukraine to conduct possible criminal investigations. So this whole matter is moot.
    2. It now appears House Leaders have actually had the complaint since August 12.
    3. ‘The Conservative Tree house’ is claiming the whistle blower is none other than John Brennan’s man, Michael Barry, senior NSC director for intelligence programs who returned to the CIA July 2019 when the complaint was filed. John Bolten had him removed as not trustworthy. Trump fired Brennen as untrustworthy.

    The Democrats timing now is to put the matter into the Senate ASAP to slow down all further Judicial Appointments, completely stop any replacement of Justice Ginsburg (who some say isn’t going to last out the year), and end the matter prior to Iowa voting in Feb. Republicans should work to slow this down in the House.

  5. Three sub-committees have individually subpoenaed Pompeo – imagine the redundancy in testimony and grandstanding. Nothing is going to “move swiftly” with this.

  6. Note: The correct Treaty number is 106-16. This is the US/Ukraine Treaty that allows mutual investigative assistance between both parties when any crimes may have been committed.

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