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Trump Will Release Full Call with Ukraine President

Wondering if he set up the media and the Democrats by letting them speculate for days, and he then releases a transcript that shows the conversation was harmless.

Reminds me of Barack Obama letting the birther thing go on and then finally releasing his long-form birth certificate. Similar strategy.

Anyway, we’ll see what it says.

7 thoughts on “Trump Will Release Full Call with Ukraine President”

  1. If, IF, PresTrump did and said what the Dems/MSM insist happen, it’s hard to imagine what is “impeachable” or “treasonous”.
    We assume the POTUS, no matter who they are, do and say things when dealing with foreign leaders that really shouldn’t be made public because of the sensitive or security nature.

    The Dems/MSM are just jumping on something that most Americans will yawn at or not even understand.
    If the Dems in Congress do open a serious impeachment inquiry, the result will be making Donald Trump a martyr, and we all love the underdog.

  2. He shouldn’t as it sets a bad precedent. What transcripts will they demand next??

    Ever since he was sworn in (and even before!), the Dems/MSM have denied this president the same courtesies, protocols, respect and confidentiality all previous presidents have been afforded.

    They consider him an imposter and expect him to conform to their rules on how he should conduct himself and perform his job duties.

  3. I think Keith has it right. There is no way he would release the transcript if it contained illegal things. I agree it may set a bad precedent, but bad precedents have been going on for the last few years and sometimes beyond. There probably was some tongue and check dialogue going on – the start of many phone calls we all have do and then you move on to more significant things.
    Nothing to see here….

  4. …And this “transcript” is all based on the actions of JOE BIDEN’s SON (infamous druggie = all stories buried by “MSM”…) and what shady deals JOE BIDEN’s son did with Ukraine…?

    How the f#ck is this President Trump fault/blame for ‘impeachment’…???!!!

    1. Roger that LSpook!
      But I’ll add if President Trump didn’t say “tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after my ‘re-election’, I for one don’t give a fat rats ass what the conversation was about.
      I trust President Trump to to keep the safety and interest of America first.

    2. Well everything is My President’s fault ! I’m sure we will be hearing about when he was a wee bit unkind in the lunchroom as a second grade student. In the meantime his re-election campaign just got a major league infusion!

    3. It’s not, but Pelosi’s latter-day Girondists have lost control over the Squad’s Montagnards. The Democrats have now gone full Jacobin, n’est ce pas?

      I’ve seen this movie before. The original version was a highbrow European tragedy; I expect the American re-make, if it goes the way most American remakes do, to be a low-budget production that dumbs down, and in the end, utterly bastardizes, its own source material.

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