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Press Secretary: No Plans to Bring the Briefings Back

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Monday said the White House has no plans to bring back the daily briefing.

“Ultimately, if the president decides that it’s something we should do, we can. Right now, he’s doing just fine,” Grisham said. “To be honest, the briefings had become a lot of theater.”

She noted the benefit accruing to the reporters.

“They are writing books now. I mean, they are all getting famous off of this presidency, and so I think it’s great what we are doing now,” Grisham said.

It’s a shame there are no televised briefings, they can be a useful way to hold the White House to account. And forcing the White House to think through its answers helps the president and his aides organize and settle their policies. Grisham should at least allow off-camera briefings, which also, long ago, used to occur on a daily basis a few hours before the televised briefing.

But unfortunately, the White House press corps has lost the credibility to make these arguments.

Many members of the White House press corps are serious journalists trying to do their job. But there are also many who are obviously out to get President Trump. And others who might not have an agenda, but who regularly fail to check their bias at the White House gate. And, of course, a few who are complete showboaters, just looking for attention.

3 thoughts on “Press Secretary: No Plans to Bring the Briefings Back”

  1. Stephanie Grisham actually talks…?
    I did not even know she was working as “Press Secretary”.
    I Never see her out, its always that guy; ‘deputy secretary’ who talks…

  2. Aside from the showboating, the snide remarks, and the constant baiting done by some of the MSM at the WH briefings, methinks PresTrump was deeply offended when Sarah Sanders was ordered to leave a public restaurant with her family.

    Most people who actually know D.Trump, and have seen him over the years, agree that he is a sensitive, caring person. He didn’t become a heartless fire-breathing dragon when he took the Oath of Office.

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