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Video || Greta Thunberg Decompensates at the United Nations

This is child abuse.

Headline in two years: “Greta Thunberg caught shoplifting in Zurich.”

24 thoughts on “Video || Greta Thunberg Decompensates at the United Nations”

  1. I looked her up – age 12 diagnosed with Asperger’s, OCD and selective mutism. Her mother is a singer; Dad is a producer/actor. Nice strong theatrical background…

    Aspergers is often a sign of exceptional intelligence or so I have read. Just somewhat quirky at the way it functions.

    1. It’s true, Aspergers (autism spectrum disorder –ASD) is often a sign of exceptional intelligence. It presents itself in a very wide range of behavior from person to person who suffers from ASD, including poor social skills, inability to interpret social cues and, often, an intense, highly focused concentration and interest in a particular topic or issue. I’ve known a couple of people with diagnosed ASD. You can have very interesting conversations with them but when they get onto whatever topic they are obsessed with that day, it gets very challenging to have a conversation with them.

      1. My youngest son had it, he was brilliant, and scored highly on subjects he liked. He could tell you anything about any Roman Emperor and their military campaigns, and a student of American WWll history. He was very brilliant, but sadly he couldn’t fight the depression that came with Asperger’s. I feel that might happen to Thunberg if she isn’t helped, right now she is being used, someday she won’t serve the Left’s purpose and will be cast aside.

        1. Yes, the manner in which this child was used by the Left to attain a political goal is beyond scandalous. She needs help–long term–by professionals who can help her live as good a life as possible. Keep the Lefty political troublemakers away from her.

          You know first hand the struggle ASD children go through, as well as the impact on family members. Our oldest has a very mild form and it shows up in his social relationships and life decisions he has made. His intelligence manifests itself in his ability to fix or repair absolutely anything–mechanical, electrical, carpentry, plumbing–anything. If it’s broke, he can fix it. It’s an ability he’s had since he was a small child. Amazing to watch him go about fixing and repairing things.

    2. But she supposedly had her first brush with climate idolatry at age 8.

      Which makes me think that she was a healthy and well-adjusted young girl, until she got forcibly programmed by the climate cultists. Then, after four years of that, having been rendered functionally incapable of free thought, her mind started trying to compensate for its lack of freedom, and manifested as mental illness. Four years later, here we are.

      That’s my premise. Change my mind.

  2. Well, Greta dear, get back to us after your family moves into a cave, gives up the modern auto for a horse or mule to travel about, grows their own food and spins wool shaved from the family sheep to make cool garments.
    Then you can shout “How dare you….”.

    Until then, go back to school, learn something not force fed to you by some weird wacko globalists, and you’ll see that if you live right, are lucky, Death won’t find you until you’re about 80 years old.
    Good luck.

  3. Annoying little kid.
    No one at that age can think logically.
    Now she’s high on her celebrity status, like david hogg.
    …..just one more annoying snowflake.

  4. I believe she was positioned outside the auditorium at the UN in an attempt to “ambush” Donald Trump and rant in his face, and the plans of her handlers to prime her for this came unstuck. She was certainly stud there waiting, anyway.This led to the viral angry face clip featuring prominently on twitter.

  5. Her mother has written a book about her two daughters, both of whom suffer from a number of mental issues. The younger sister is even more screwed up than Greta. That the parents would allow this 16 year old to foam at the mouth, threaten anyone who disagrees with her take on “climate change” and in general make an ass of herself, boggles the mind. Greta needs help.Lots of help.

  6. The fanatic Left has used this child, who we now learn has had a lifetime of serious psychological challenges, to promote their political agenda. That’s how crass and desperate the Left is. After the Left has squeezed all the publicity they can out of her, they will dump her on the side of the road and forget about her. There is no bottom to what they will do to get what they want.

  7. The Left does not need any publicity to widely spread a ‘story’ around the country.
    The Conservatives do a great job in doing it for them. All the left has to do, is put up an individual- Kaepernick, David Hoggs, AOC, now Greta- and the Right, instead of just ignoring them, goes nuts and won’t stop talking about, mocking or attacking the individuals.
    The media sees our reactions, and logically think: “Hmmm, we found something that pisses off the conservatives…..let’s keep this baby alive!!!”
    Until the next prop is presented. Then repeat.

  8. Some social engineering designers are already using children shamelessly to achieve their devil purposes. They pervert them at schools with sexual stuff, even from primary school, now they use them for this other business of the climate, and tomorrow they will be used favouring illegal in-migration. This child of 16 has dramatized, although still not very convincingly, the devil intentions of the correspondent cabal, including Cardinal Bergoglio, who praised her for these actions instead of recommending her to go home and study and mature to have her mind formed.

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