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Video || Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars

In case you missed this.

Yes, it’s hilarious and absurd. But Sean knows this. He’s having some fun and keeping himself in the news.

Everyone is snarking at him, but they need to lighten up. He was brave to do this, and he gave it his best shot.

I’ve known Sean for years. He was, before working for President Trump, very well liked around Washington. He was good at the jobs he had, understood what good reporters wanted, understood what his bosses wanted, and was helpful and fun to be around.

I’m biased because I like Sean. But he was put in a very tough position in 2017. He’d gotten to the top of the profession, White House press secretary, and was suddenly forced to lie for his boss.

Now, that’s a relative thing. All these press secretaries who walk around being given the greatest respect basically had to lie as part of their job, or at least mislead, which is pretty similar. So it’s a game of degrees, not absolutes.

What was he supposed to do, quit because he had to make up a crowd size? What would that do to the newly elected president? And being human, nobody is going to let go of the grand prize, POTUS press secretary, having just won it.

Anyway, enjoy the ludicrousness of this, and laugh along with Sean.

11 thoughts on “Video || Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars”

  1. People need to chill. My goodness it’s a dancing competition. I think they have Lamar Odom on for goodness sakes. Talk about a flawed individual. Have always had some controversial people and basically no body’s or has beens. Get a grip.

    1. Forget Lamar…Ray Lewis was once a contestant, who infamously escaped double murder charges! I don’t recall any handwringing or tortured social media explanations from lame host Tom Bergeron on that one.

      1. I have to correct myself…Ray Lewis is a contestant RIGHT NOW. No “concerns” from the host?? Of course not – someone who worked for Trump is apparently far worse than someone once charged for double murder.

  2. Good for him! He had a good time and it was fun to watch.
    The radical Dem’s inclination to exclude everyone they don’t like, has a different opinion, or doesn’t follow the “woke”crowd from public events are making a terrible mistake.

  3. Semi-related:

    Over on America’s Got Talent tonight, keep an eye on Voices of Service. Caleb Green frequently sings the anthems at Washington Capitals home games. I’ve run into him on the concourse a few times; classy guy.

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