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Bolton Bashes Trump

Not very classy. Even if you’re fired, you served the country and the president, at his pleasure.

It’s just this kind of self-regard that got John Bolton fired as national security advisor in the first place.

From the Washington Examiner:

Former White House national security adviser John Bolton slammed President Trump in front of a private audience, roughly eight days since being ousted from the White House.

Appearing in New York City at a conservative think tank lunch event on Wednesday, Bolton took shots at his former boss’s foreign policy decisions.

He said Trump’s invitation to Taliban leaders to meet at Camp David days before before the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks sent a “terrible signal” and was “disrespectful” to the victims because the group provided sanctuary to al Qaeda, according to Politico.

That meeting was canceled and Trump declared negotiations over an American withdrawal from Afghanistan “dead” after the Taliban claimed responsibility for a bombing in Kabul killed an American soldier and others.

Bolton brought up Iran and North Korea, saying any attempts to negotiate with them were “doomed to failure.” He also complained that a scrapped military response to Iran after it shot down a U.S. drone in June emboldened Tehran to go through with weekend drone attacks on the Saudi oil industry.

8 thoughts on “Bolton Bashes Trump”

  1. An honorable person accepts his/her dismissal from employment gracefully and without seeking revenge.
    If the dismissal is the result of the employee having opposite or negative view that management requires, then dismissal is inevitable.
    Bolton was just an employee in the White House. His opinion differed from the President’s on important issues. His employment was deemed detrimental and/or useless to the President’s agenda.
    So. You’re Fired, Bolton.

  2. I wondered if Bolton would go forth with grace and dignity in his post-White House days. Looks like he has decided he will not take that path. Instead, it looks like he’ decided to get on a public soapbox (and book peddling tour) and start the “I was right and Trump doesn’t know what he is doing” song and dance. This will embolden the fanatic anti-Trumpers and give aid and comfort to our enemies on the international stage. That places our country in more dangerous waters in our discussions with those who oppose us and wish us harm. Sure, Bolton’s enormous ego got bruised in the process of getting fired, but that’s no reason to try and screw up everything positive going on in an act of revenge against Trump. Tells us all we need to know about Bolton’s character.

  3. I’ll agree with Bolton on one thing: Whoever thought it was a good idea to invite the Taliban to Camp David near the anniversary of 9/11 needs to be fired. And if that was Trump? Somebody needed to tell him no.

    It was dumb and indefensible.

    1. Agreed. I often wonder about Trump’s “staff”(the behind the scenes people who should know better about things…Like doing proper vetting/background checks on some of his “nominees”…)

    2. Can’t say that I agree — The ‘What’ getting done seems to be more important than the ‘where’ and ‘when’…. They can meeting at my house on Christmas Eve if it gets the results desired.

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