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El Paso Shooting “Hero” Arrested at White House Just Before Being Honored by Trump

According to the Washington Examiner:

One of the people President Trump honored for his heroism during a mass shooting in an El Paso Walmart last month was arrested by the Secret Service during his visit to the White House on Monday due to an outstanding criminal warrant, law enforcement officials told the Washington Examiner.

Police say his tale of heroics does not match video evidence. Chris Grant, 50, was shot in the ribs and a kidney during the Aug. 3 rampage that claimed 22 lives. He was not present for a White House ceremony Monday, but his mother Minnie Grant, 82, accepted a signed certificate on his behalf.

Grant said in a series of interviews that he sought to spare fellow shoppers by picking up bottles and throwing them at the gunman, with at least one hitting or nearly striking him. A Gofundme account raised $16,917 on his behalf. Grant was photographed when he arrived at Washington’s Reagan-National Airport and outside the White House with his family.

image (1).png
Chris Grant and family in Washington D.C.

“Nobody bothered to check with us,” said El Paso police spokesman Sgt. Enrique Carrillo. “They would have been informed, as I am telling you now, that our detectives reviewed hours of video and his actions did not match his account.” Carrillo said Grant was visible in footage from the store, but he did not say what he was doing during the massacre. “His statements were inconsistent with what was revealed on video,” Carrillo said.

3 thoughts on “El Paso Shooting “Hero” Arrested at White House Just Before Being Honored by Trump”

  1. Does ANYONE on the “Trump WH staff” do any Research…? or Background Checks? (re: Nominees for Govt. posts)

    After “Barack Hussein Obama” and all the shady characters in his Regime, I figured the Trump Administration would be more careful…

  2. Maybe if we weren’t honoring groups of people at the White House every fifteen minutes, people wouldn’t slip through the cracks so often.

    White House: Enough with the “honors”. You’re really wearing that crap out. Two to three a week? C’mon.

    And “Yo”, people…just do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing and leave that “fifteen minutes of fame bulllshit” where it belongs.

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