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Trump Says He Has Fired John Bolton

President Trump today said he had fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. By the tone of Trump’s tweet, this was not a happy parting. I imagine Bolton, who is a hothead, probably went too far.

Bolton had a slightly different take on how it went down.

6 thoughts on “Trump Says He Has Fired John Bolton”

  1. Only surprise is that Bolton kept the job this long.
    He seemed to be and uncompromising war monger itching for military conflict with Iraq, North Korea or anyone else.

  2. I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”
    What Bolton didn’t mention is that Trump said that at 12:59:59pm
    Next day Trump did talk about it.
    John, your fired.

    1. I suspect the book contract offers are already coming in from many book publishers. The only condition is that they insist Bolton write an anti-Trump book. And he probably will. Bolton’s insufferable ego will be on afterburner in the book he writes.

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