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Trump Terms His Challengers “The Three Stooges

President Trump has a new name for his GOP primary challengers, former South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford, who announced his run Sunday, and ex-Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld and former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh.

They are, The Three Stooges.

He’s pretty much right. But before you dismiss these characters, I’ve come to the conclusions that presidential campaign prognosticating these day is about as reliable as meteoroligists’ predictions about which way a hurricane will turn.

Anyway, here are some scenes of Walsh, Weld, and Sanford – sounds like a law firm – on the campaign trail together.

4 thoughts on “Trump Terms His Challengers “The Three Stooges”

  1. It’s pretty accurate. I know very little about any of them, but as soon as I heard about Sanford I immediately thought of the episode described when he disappeared. I couldn’t believe it when he was elected. The never Trumpers are living in la la land if they honestly think any of these will be able to manage any type of opposition. His issue is the general election – not these folks.

  2. By the time election day comes around, there will be a dozen hopefuls on each ballot. People running that no one (other than their family) has heard of.
    These three men do have a purpose – to give MrTrump someone to claim as ‘opponent’ when he’s at fundraisers.
    If the fickle finger of Fate pokes MrTrump in the eye and he doesn’t win the primary election, any one of the three would make a better choice than ANY of the Dems.

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