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Kamala Harris Caught in Political Correctness Web Over the Word “Retarded”

Kamala Harris just loved it the other day when someone in her audience said President Trump’s actions were “mentally retarded.”

Take a look.

Okay, now it starts to get Orwellian.

First of all, she’s in trouble. Is it because the man called the president of the United States “retarded?” Of course not! That is now acceptable behavior. The problem is that she seemed to condone the use of the word “retarded,” which these days is an insult.

She immediately recognized she fallen deeply out of political correctness and tweeted that she didn’t hear the man.

Well, unfortunately, this doesn’t hold water, because not only did she laugh and seem to enjoy it, but she blurted out, “Well said.”

So either she is lying now, the most likely scenario, or she was lying to the man when she told him “well said” for something she supposedly didn’t hear.

Of course, the one thing she cannot say is that she failed to understand the man because of his thick Indian accent.

She’s trapped in a political correctness hall of mirrors, with no good way out.

H/T Brad Polumbo at the Washington Examiner.

9 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Caught in Political Correctness Web Over the Word “Retarded””

  1. The two words, mentally retarded, that the left has declared to be evil or mean, were used to describe the unfortunates whose lack of mental growth kept them at childish levels.
    Today, it’s “challenged” or “disadvantaged” but they all mean the same thing.

    Of all the epitaphs directed at MrTrump, mentally retarded is, well, um, y’know. lol.

  2. Kamala Harris is now learning, in a very public way, the meaning of the saying: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”, by Walter Scott from his poem Marmion. (published in 1808).

  3. It is interesting that before the state sponsored religion of ‘political correctness’ was thought of by boomers, there was more genuine regard for human life, decency, & courtesy as opposed to the hypocrisy- code by which the ‘political correctors live.

  4. Its ok, they can use whatever word they want as long as its about Trump. This country is going thru a big shift.
    It originally started with bill clinton and started to steam roll with obambo. When will it stop?

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