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Trump’s Alabama SharpieGate

UPDATE: The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump himself put the Sharpie to the map.

This was pretty stupid of him. I mean, come on. Makes me worried about his willingness to bend reality, which already makes me worried.

Trump mistakenly tweeted September 1 that Alabama “will most likely be hit (much) harder that anticipated.”

Then, he tried to justify it with this, an official map that someone enhanced with a Sharpie. Trump denies it was him, but, uh, he does use Sharpies a lot. It’s like something out of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Anti-Trump Twitterites are having plenty of fun with this, as you might imagine.

15 thoughts on “Trump’s Alabama SharpieGate”

  1. Of course, the loony Dems have been blaming him for the hurricane because of his stance on climate change. That’s pretty stupid of them. I mean, come on.

  2. If this is some kind of inside joke, we don’t get it.
    PresTrump uses sharpies? what?
    About the storm’s path – there were several computerized ‘models’ that showed a hit on the interior of FL that would have affected AL.

    Truth is: without the ‘eyes in the sky’, all the forecasters would be guessing. Oh, wait – they still were guessing at the path of the Hurricane.

    1. Yeah…”he does use Sharpies a lot” kind of threw me. Does he? Why would I know this or even care?

      Meanwhile, as evidenced by today’s job numbers, the economy continues to chug along.

  3. Looks like an Alabama hit on that map to me.

    Having been through a Cat 2 which was called a “Tropical storm” until after it happened (Hurricane Claudette); and having gone through the mandatory evacuation of the entire Texas coast from Hurricane Rita, which came “out of Africa”, developed in the Bahamas, caused evacuation from Miami, and finally made landfall hundreds of miles away on the Louisiana/Texas border …

    Having been through all of that, I’d say any idea that he somehow made a mistake in urging caution is less than “newsworthy”, the characterization of it as some kind of gaffe is offensive to me. I LIKE a President who urges safety for Americans.

  4. Well, early on, Dorian’s initial forecast was to come straight across Florida and wreak havoc here in Tampa Bay, before heading into the Gulf on Day 6. My local Wal-Mart was pretty well picked over last week, because we were sure it was coming this way.

    But then Dorian slowed, and went north. And the cone kept moving clockwise while that was happening, and hey, remind me, what states are clockwise from just off the Florida Gulf Coast? I always forget what state’s coastline lies between Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle…

  5. I’ve never seen a President get more abuse from the media than Donald Trump. I seem to recall no one in the media raked Obama “over the coals” for his visiting 57 states, or for seeing corpse-men. Biden is a gaffe-a-minute guy, and he’s not called out for it by the media. For a while there even the Weather Channel seemed to panic that the storm wasn’t turning. Why is it that only Republican Presidents, and Trump get blamed for Hurricanes and the damage they inflict?

  6. SharpieGate? It is amazing how the Proggie media displays false outrage over the fake news they generate. Alabama was in Dorian’s projected path before it took its right turn. Trump wins again.

  7. President Trump is of the boomer era when actual maps & magic markers were used to track or locate various goings-on. Biden, Warren, Clinton, etc are probably familiar with these relics as well. There is a humanness to Trump’s visual aide that is lost on the cyber/virtual crowd.

  8. NOAA has backed President Trump, over The National Weather Service, regarding “Sharpiegate” map of Alabama. Per The Washington Post!

    1. Yes, I was happy to see the NOAA’s statement, which reads, in part:
      “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said in a new statement that a number of advisories backed up Trump’s claim.

      “From Wednesday, Aug. 28, through Monday, Sept. 2, the information provided by NOAA and the National Hurricane Center to President Trump and the wider public demonstrated that tropical storm-force winds from Hurricane Dorian could impact Alabama. This is clearly demonstrated in Hurricane Advisories #15 through #41, which can be viewed at the following link,” the agency said in a statement on Sept. 6.

      “The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time.”

  9. Once again the media is trying to make something out of nothing. NOOA backs Teump in that originally Alabama was in one of the projected paths.

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