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CNN Seeks to Drive Ratings Even Lower with 7-Hour Global Warming Town Hall

I’d say there is no better way to make people not care about global warming than to run seven hours of programming about it with the Democratic candidates.

Anyway, that’s what CNN is doing. This long national nightmare started around 5 pm ET and goes until midnight.

Even if you think climate change is going to destroy the earth, can you listen to seven hours of it? Can listen to seven hours of this group of candidates? Can you?

You can’t.

Looks like Julian Castro is first. The leading candidates, the stars of our show, are on during prime time. Cory Booker got slotted last, around 11:40 pm, at which five exhausted viewers will be watching.

4 thoughts on “CNN Seeks to Drive Ratings Even Lower with 7-Hour Global Warming Town Hall”

  1. Jumping in and out, I caught a little of Biden, Bernie, Warren, and Bedo, uh Beto.
    Scary people, all four of them. Frantic, desperate, throwing around “trillions of dollars” like pennies, no more fossil fuels at all by 2035, and waving their arms, ducking their heads.
    I salute anyone who could have watched more than 30 minutes of that crazy-fest.

    Contrast this wild-eyed, shouting threats of doom and gloom tirade with a up-beat, positive Trump rally and we have a preview of
    what will happen in 2020 debates.

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