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McConnell: Senate Will Vote on Supreme Court Vacancy Even if Dems “Whine”

Prepare for civil war.


I think.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans would “absolutely” vote on a Supreme Court vacancy if one occurred before the 2020 election, regardless of whether Democrats “whine” about it. 

“You have to go back to 1880 to find the last time, back to 1880s to find the last time a Senate of a different party from the president filled a Supreme Court vacancy created in the middle of a presidential election. That was entirely the precedent,” the Kentucky Republican said on The Hugh Hewitt Show Tuesday about why he blocked hearings on Merrick Garland. 

“There was nothing I did that was, would not have been done had the shoe been on the other foot,” he added. “So look, they can whine about this all day long. But under the Constitution, there is co-responsibility for appointments. The president makes the nomination, and the Senate confirms. We are partners in the personnel business up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court.”

I’m not sure I understand McConnell’s rationale here. The “principle” involved is simply partisan politics.

At the time, he squashed Merrick Garland, I understood the principle to be that the people should decide this in an election year. That made a little sense, but not much. There’s nothing in the Constitution about presidents only being allowed to appoint Supreme Court justices during their first three years. Let’s face it, McConnell did it because he could.

McConnell’s potential decision now to allow consideration of a Supreme Court nominee would be the right thing to do, but it would also prove that the Garland maneuver was raw politics. If I were a liberal, I’d be pretty mad about it too.

7 thoughts on “McConnell: Senate Will Vote on Supreme Court Vacancy Even if Dems “Whine””

  1. Almost all of the federal government has lost it’s way from our Founder’s intent.
    Congress isn’t supposed to decide how we live, where we live or who lives at all. The Supreme Court should never be partisan, not ever.
    The Dem practice of using the courts to overcome majority resistance to their ideas has given us some of the worst laws to ever land on our heads.

  2. I will repeat what President Obama said at one point – elections have consequences. Keith – everything is political these days. You are right – the Democrats will be mad, but so would the Republicans if the tables were turned. Oh well.

  3. “The “principle” involved is simply partisan politics.”

    Without partisan politics, where would we be? Oh, I know: we’d have a uniparty where the GOP secretly helps the Democrats and only pretends to stand for different principles.


  4. What if Garland came up for a vote and none of the Republicans/Conservatives voted for him? Which is, IMO, what teh Liberals would have done. Elections do have consequences and, as a resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Senator McConnell has my vote. Was it pure politics? You bet it was

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