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Buttigieg Calls Pence a Christian Hypocrite for Condoning Trump’s “Naked Sins”

From the Washington Examiner:

Pete Buttigieg criticized Vice President Mike Pence and Christian politicians who support controversial Trump policies as hypocritical, but stopped short of calling them “sinful,” as Joe Biden did.

“I’ll be careful to use that word to kind of point out a speck in my brother’s eye,” the South Bend mayor told Religion News Service when asked whether politicians who supported family separation at the border were guilty of “sinful” actions. “What I would say is that it’s clear that some naked sins are being at best condoned by people who then summon religious arguments. That rings more and more hollow. It’s not just that we might have a different interpretation of faith, it’s that these arguments no longer stack up even on their own merits, right?”

“For example: Mike Pence’s view of Christian sexuality is obviously a little different than mine,” said Buttigieg. “But even with his view, it makes no sense to condone this president and his behavior. So there’s two layers to this. There’s the fact that I subscribe to a vision of faith that leads me to a certain place politically. But it’s also just seeing the hypocrisy among people who now endorse people and practices that are offensive, not only to my values, but to their own.”

Buttigieg’s charge of hypocrisy echoes comments he made at the first presidential debate, where he went after Republicans’ use of religious language and said the party “likes to cloak itself in their language of religion.”

3 thoughts on “Buttigieg Calls Pence a Christian Hypocrite for Condoning Trump’s “Naked Sins””

  1. This is a man who knows that the Christian and Muslim faiths both disapproved of homosexuality, but insists on choosing Christians as his target.
    Christians don’t take exception to other’s level of faith or belief. If a Catholic only makes it to Mass on Easter Sunday, that’s OK.
    I assume that Jews don’t judge others level of faith either.
    Christians don’t shun others for following their private beliefs, no matter what they are.
    There is no “sin” to follow laws legally passed that don’t cause physical harm to anyone.
    MrBiteabug is the one living in sin against Mother Nature and the very reason humans are encouraged to enjoy intimate contact with members of the opposite sex.

  2. Boy am I glad he’s around to remind us how holy and perfect he is. What a piece of work.
    As I recall in Biblical terms we are all sinners.

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