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Video || Biden Appears to Forget Barack Obama’s Name

“My boss,” he says. You know, that guy who was the president and with whom I had lunch once a week and met with every day.

I guess it’s possible he was told by staff he shouldn’t be mentioning Obama’s name for some political reason. Even if that were the case, which I doubt, this sounds ridiculous.

This is getting scary bad.

6 thoughts on “Video || Biden Appears to Forget Barack Obama’s Name”

  1. It’s time for his people to find a ‘family thing’, a ‘bad back injury’, anything to allow Biden to retire gracefully before he completely melts down in public.

  2. “Scary bad” indeed Mr. Koffler. What if the Obamas are planning to pop her in for President about mid-October? Some kind of end play is going on somewhere.

    She may often have decried any interest in the job, but the Chosen would undoubtedly love to be back in the White House. So don’t link them with aging and clearly ill Biden.

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