As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Bernie Sanders Attacked by a Speed Bag

This appears to have happened.

5 Responses to Video || Bernie Sanders Attacked by a Speed Bag

  1. The truly evil among us don’t mind having a feeble old man elected because his death will create one of those “crises” that Dems never let go to waste.

    Just sayin’ my word to the wise.

  2. How Shocking! Comey is accused of violating every thing the FBI claims they stand for and will NOT be prosecuted for anything.
    But, GenFlynn will be held liable for lying to the FBI about something that isn’t a crime.

    Donald Trump has been the target of the FBI, CIA, MSM, Dems, and every traitor who hoped to overturn the 2016 election for things he did as a private citizen that were NOT a crime then, and still are NOT a crime.