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Trump HHS Warns Hospital for Forcing Catholic Nurse to Help with Abortion

The Trump administration sent a notice Wednesday to the University of Vermont Medical Center after a federal investigation concluded the hospital forced a Catholic nurse to assist in an abortion despite her objections to the procedure. 

The hospital has 30 days to show it won’t force healthcare workers to violate their beliefs. If it does not, the complaint will go to another agency, the Health Resources and Services Administration, which will kick off a review process. The Burlington, Vermont-based hospital may lose government funding if it fails to make changes. 

“We do not want a society where on the issue of life and death people are forced to violate their deepest-held beliefs,” Roger Severino, director of the Office for Civil Rights, said in a phone call with reporters Wednesday.

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  1. President Trump is more Catholic than the vast majority of our Catholic bishops and Cardinals. Where is their outrage?? Nothing but crickets from them:(

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