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MSNBC Host: Russian Oligarchs Co-Signed Trump’s Deutsche Bank Loans

UPDATE: This story appears not to be true! Just issued by Lawrence O’Donnell:

Looks like those of you in the comments section who voiced healthy skepticism about this story were right! I shouldn’t have given it as much credit as I did. My apologies for doing so. I do, however, have concerns about Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank and the Russian money laundering that has allegedly gone on there. I hope those concerns are misplaced.

My original story:

Uh, I have no idea if this happened. But don’t discount it.

Deutsche Bank is notorious for its Russian connections. Which begs the question of why Donald Trump was using it for years and at times he desperately needed cash.

Even Trump allies have expressed concerns about this relationship.

According to the Washington Examiner:

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell says he has a source who told him Russian oligarchs signed off loans given to President Trump by Deutsche Bank.

Lawyers for the German lender told a federal appeals court Tuesday that the bank has documents sought by Democrat-led House committees, which subpoenaed Deutsche Bank and Capital One for financial records related to Trump, his family, and businesses, but declined to reveal if they have Trump’s tax returns.

While the New York Times reports that Deutsche Bank, which has done business with Trump for two decades, does have some of Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns, O’Donnell told colleague Rachel Maddow in the hand-off between their shows Tuesday evening he can go a bit further.

“This single source close to Deutsche Bank has told me that the Trump — Donald Trump’s loan documents there show that he has co-signers. That’s how he was able to obtain those loans. And that the co-signers are Russian oligarchs,” he said.

A shocked Maddow replied, “What? Really?”

“That would explain, it seems to me, every kind word Donald Trump has ever said about Russia and Vladimir Putin, if true, and I stress the ‘if true’ part of this,” O’Donnell added.

12 thoughts on “MSNBC Host: Russian Oligarchs Co-Signed Trump’s Deutsche Bank Loans”

  1. IF true, there was no way for the these wealthy Russians to anticipate that Donald Trump would be POTUS, ever.
    They didn’t interfere in our national election, have no interest in anything happening in the Oval Office. Their interest is “interest” they collect on participation in a legal financial deal.
    IF, MrTrump, private citizen, had failed to meet his financial obligations, the um, Trump Tower would be theirs (along with whatever they financed).
    Say what they like, but Russia is not an imminent enemy of the USA and the Cold War is over. NoKo, Iran, local terrorists, Chinese drug manufacturers, etc are our announced enemies.

  2. And…..I would imagine there are lots of business people who have Deutsche loans and quite possibly have co-signers. I love the comment – maybe that is why he says such nice things. REALLY. What a stretch. The Russia investigation went in so many directions – one can imagine this was even reviewed.

  3. O’Donnell is a failed Hollywood hack-writer/Democrat Party Apparatchik.

    Same difference.

    Anyone who believes anything this dork says about anyone is a bigger fool than he is.

  4. I once studied Russian. Does that prove that I “have ties” with Russia? I know someone who once lived in Russia. Are we both spies?

    Of course, Trump as a businessman of long career is going to have connections all over the world.

    If they took a half-hour they could find more interesting, damning ties between the Clintons and bad people.

  5. Joshua H. Ben Joseph.

    Tax documents are supposed to be kept secret. In fact, if you take your taxes to a professional tax preparer, and you’re not trying to set up a shelter, then legally, that has the status of attorney-client privilege. No one, not even a crapsack, bloviating, power-mad member of Congress like Jerry Nadler, has a right to see a citizen’s tax return.

    We’ve already seen them shit all over ACP in the Cohen fustercluck, and it looks like Deutsche Bank is about to do its own sleazy version of it.

    AG Barr and SecTreas Mnuchin need to remind DB in no uncertain terms, that they have certain obligations under US, EU, and probably even international law, to safeguard confidential client information.

    And, more importantly, that the reputational cost of betraying their clients’ trust, is incalculable.

    Jerry Nadler is not going to live forever; hell, I doubt he’ll even be chairing the committee come 2021. His two-bit tinpot tirades should therefore get him the most ironic response possible from Deutsche Bank: “Your cash is good at the bar, and you’re lucky the bar is even open to you.”

  6. Not interested one bit in President Trumps financial dealings and tax returns while he was a private citizen.
    He entered office a billionaire, paper value or actual cash, mox nix.
    I’m more interested in how elected politicians who’ve been in office many many years, much longer than Trumps 2 plus years, have become multi multi millionaires.
    I’d like to see THEIR tax returns.
    But we know the answer, don’t we?

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