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Her Next Step: Sarah Sanders to Become a Fox News Contributor

Before running for governor of Arkansas, I guess, Sarah Sanders will make a stop at Fox News, where she will become a regular contributor.

If it goes well, I assume a show could be in her more immediate future, as happened with one of her predecessors at the White House podium, Dana Perino.

According to Fox News:

“Fox News has been the number one news organization in the country for 17 years running and I am beyond proud to join their incredible stable of on-air contributors in providing political insights and analysis,” Sanders said in a statement.

The 37-year-old will provide political commentary and analysis to Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Fox News Digital, Fox Nation and the radio/podcast division. In addition, Sanders will make her debut on “Fox & Friends” on Sept. 6.

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      1. Juan and his substitute Heraldo are why I don’t watch any more. I just can’t take listening to their stupidity. I will never watch Donna “you like a thief in the night” Brazile. Sadly, I just unfollowed Greta Van Sustern (sp?) on Twitter. She tweeted that she counts Brazile as a friend and, frankly Greta seems to have undergone some brain softening since she left Fox. The other day she said that a vegan diet is good for the planet.

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