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Trump Supports Israel, Gets Accused of Being a Nazi and Thinking He is the Messiah

It’s all so deeply ironic. The best friend Israel has ever had in the Oval Office, surely much better than Barack Obama, is routinely called a Nazi.

Apparently Jewish Democrats would rather have Obama pressuring Israel into a “peace deal” that would lead to its destruction.

People are treating this tweet Wednesday as if President Trump himself is claiming to be the messiah.

All he did was retweet someone who lavishly praised him. People, especially the press, are so literal and eager to parse words and take things out of context to attack Trump.

The fact is, Trump is basically right, even if it goes too far to call Jews who don’t support Republicans “disloyal,” as he did yesterday.

“I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty,” Trump said Tuesday.

What he meant is that they’re disloyal to their own cause. What is true is that if you’re Jewish, and Israel is one of your top priorities, you are undermining that priority by voting Democratic. Republicans, and Trump in particular, are far better for Israel than the Democrats. There’s just no question about it.

Of course, all of this is being magnified on Morning Joe, where inevitably, the Nazis are invoked. Apparently if you mention Jews and disloyalty in the same sentence – even if you are referring to being disloyal to themselves – you are reviving “tropes” and are equivalent to the Nazis.

How very disrespectful to those who experienced the Holocaust, to be so unserious and casual in using it as a comparison. Shame on Scarborough and his friends here.

3 thoughts on “Trump Supports Israel, Gets Accused of Being a Nazi and Thinking He is the Messiah”

  1. How many prominent Dems, how many media outlets have to dishonor, insult, and just show the epitome of distain to Jews and then to Israel (the only Jewish state in the world) to change their minds on who favors them?

    The Dems/MSM spent 8 years never questioning Obama, never a harsh word for anything he did or didn’t do, did all they could to enshrine him as some great leader to all, but can’t see the irony of attacking PresTrump for the good things he does, for the advancement of some important things.

  2. I agree with President Trump’s comment, it applies to Blacks who consistently vote Democrat as well. Neither group does themselves any favors by continued blind support of the Democrat Party.

    1. Hoover lost the blacks. He over promised and under delivered. Blacks had always voted Republican because Lincoln freed them. Hoover had to contend with the the Great Depression. The Blacks turned on The Republicans and voted for FDR. He adopted John Maynard Keynes economics which held the government should borrow and spend to stimulate the economy. FDR’s New Deal never worked. It added lots of social services such as Social Security. The thing that broke the Depression was World War Two. The government continued to borrow and borrow. It is hard to take free stuff from people once they have it.

      Maybe the Jews remembers that Truman was the first to recognized Israel.

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