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John King: Trump “Deserves a Lot of Credit for Standing Up to China”

CNN’s John King knows. I covered the White House with him from the Clinton administration into the Obama administration, which is about when I think he left the beat. We listened time and time again as administration officials promised to get tough with China, call it out for intellectual property theft, brand it a currency manipulator, etc., etc., etc.

And nobody never did nothing.

Meantime, the United States exported untold numbers of manufacturing jobs to the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Trump deserves a lot of credit, as does King for giving Trump credit while his colleagues in the liberal mainstream media are forced to listen, no doubt aghast.

And as Trump indicated the other day, this is not a convenient thing for him to do. It could cause a recession. But there’s a principle involved – yes, with Trump – and he believes it will benefit the economy in the long term, despite short term pain.

King said:

Look, the President is absolutely right when he says that China has been cheating for 25 years and that Bill Clinton didn’t do enough about it, George W. Bush didn’t do enough about it, Barack Obama didn’t do enough about it, or didn’t want to pick the fights for other reasons, thought there were reasons the U.S. economy is benefiting so much, we won’t pick these fights, start the conversations, not finish the conversations. The president is absolutely right.

2 thoughts on “John King: Trump “Deserves a Lot of Credit for Standing Up to China””

  1. This is one of the attractions of your blog: these insider tidbits that give us context for many events or, in this case, the things people say and the positions they take.

    Applause to Mr King, we appreciate his open honesty. And yours, Mr Koffler!

    1. Amen.

      China is difficult to deal with. They broke their promise to the people of Hong Kong. China broke their promise to the US. I think the US will hurt in the near time but be better off in the long run. Also, I think out imports are increasing from S. Korea, Japan, Vietnam.

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