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Win for Trump: Opioid Use Declined Significantly Last Year

This is great news for the country. But it also helps President Trump’s reelection prospects, given that the opioid crisis affects areas of his base. He can now add this during his rallies to his list of accomplishments.

Of course, more people are smoking pot, but that is mostly survivable, at least in the short term.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Heroin and prescription drug abuse declined last year, according to a new government report, a bright signal of hope in the battle against one of the most devastating and politically explosive problems facing the nation.

Nevertheless, illicit use of certain other drugs rose, and drug use across all age groups increased between in 2018.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported Tuesday that drug use and abuse increased from 19% to 19.4% across all age groups starting at 12 years old in 2018. Marijuana is still the most popular drug, and its use increased. The drop in heroin use was marginal, and there was a small decrease in the use of cocaine as well.

2 thoughts on “Win for Trump: Opioid Use Declined Significantly Last Year”

  1. The war on opioids is directed at people like me who take a pain-killer for arthritis and other long term illnesses. There’s no cure for arthritis, for instance, so reducing the amount of relief sufferers need is just wrong.

    The illegal sale of opioids continues all across the country because the Border Patrol and other agencies can’t keep up with the trafficking across our borders and at our sea ports and in every airport.
    The demand for drugs continues.

  2. While I APPLAUD the effort to combat the ABUSE of opioids, this is a case where the CURE is worse than the DISEASE!! Doctors can now prescribe 1 (ONE) pain killer or sleep aid or muscle relaxer to a patient! That’s NOT 1 of EACH!! Just 1 of the 3!!! Which is IDIOTIC!! These drugs all have different purposes!! My wife has MULTIPLE pain related problems, and ONE pain reliever does NOT work on ALL pain!! UNFORTUNATELY, after 20 years in the Military, I don’t expect the government to work in an intelligent manner!!

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