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Video || Bernie: I Don’t Have the Cost of My Health Care Plan “in My Pocket”

Well where is it?

Listen to him stammer when put on the defensive. I feel bad for the sign language translator.

5 thoughts on “Video || Bernie: I Don’t Have the Cost of My Health Care Plan “in My Pocket””

  1. Wow – talk about not being prepared. This is something he should know immediately or he should at least have an idea what comes out of his paychecks. I couldn’t tell you the exact amount, but I have a general idea. Most of the people he is trying to woo with Medicare for all probably know exactly how much. That’s the problem with so many of these politicians – they really don’t respect the little guy.

  2. Think about this:

    Military Advisor: “President Sanders, we have credible reports that (fill in the blank) are preparing to launch nuclear missiles on Washington. And we have satellite reconnaissance showing that roughly 500,000 troops are set to land on the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States. We need you to authorize a counterattack and to release the nuclear code right now. We await your orders to launch our missiles and launch that counterattack to protect our country from this attack.”

    President Sanders: “Well, I’ve got the code around here somewhere (shuffling through his desk, his pockets, the bookcase). Maybe it’s on my nightstand. Or in the bathroom. Maybe we should wait a week before considering a counterattack. We don’t want to make the (fill in the black) mad at us.”

    That’s Sanders as POTUS.

  3. Typical. All talk, with no quantifiable solutions.
    But, then, I heard the Republicans running on “repealing” Obamacare….for 7 yrs….and when it came time to repeal it, the Republicans had no idea what to substitute for it.

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