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The Mooch “Abused Staff” and Accused Two of Having an Affair

Anthony Scaramucci sees himself as miraculously transformed from 100 percent pork to completely kosher.

I guess President Trump has stopped taking his phone calls, because he is now trying to ingratiate himself with the anti-Trump crowd by claiming to suddenly be appalled by the president.

Of course, The Mooch does what’s good for The Mooch.

A new piece in the Washington Examiner describes some of the tyranny he inflicted on staff during his brief 11-day reign.

President Trump’s allegation that Anthony Scaramucci “abused staff” was met with agreement from many who worked under or near the financier during his 11 days as White House communications director.

Though fired more than two years ago, Scaramucci’s break with Trump this month surfaced previously unpublished stories of allegedly inappropriate behavior.

Sources said Trump’s tweet Monday recalled a little-known truth: Although Scaramucci was dismissed after disparaging other senior officials in a profane interview, he was on the verge of being fired anyhow.

“The dirty secret was the interview escalated it. The reality was [other] things, that’s where [White House chief of staff John] Kelly lost his shit,” a source familiar with Scaramucci’s termination said. “Everyone in the press watched the expletive-laced tirade and no one went, ‘What else caused it?’”

Kelly, whose first official day as chief of staff was July 31, made firing Scaramucci one of his first official acts. Kelly replaced former Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who had been ousted as chief of staff a few days earlier.

Scaramucci’s gravest human resources sin featured telling a female White House official that he heard she was sleeping with a more senior male official, many sources said.

The allegation was widely viewed by sources as “gross” and a clear attempt to intimidate and humiliate the woman.

4 thoughts on “The Mooch “Abused Staff” and Accused Two of Having an Affair”

  1. I remember his short stint. His nickname is appropriate. I also remember Chief of Staff Kelly want to get rid of him. He lost his time in the limelight and wants it back. If negative comments are floating around about him being inappropriate he wants to get ahead of it. What a piece of work. Say what you want about Pres. Trump, but he appears to be very protective of his support staff. Pretty tough on those in charge…..

  2. This rat-faced traitor will find that he is a poison to be avoided by a lot of people after he attacked the POTUS with petty grievances. Who would want to be his friend, his employer, his neighbor after this?

  3. I heard parts of an interview with him last night on 710 WOR in NY. He seems like he’s interviewing for a job at CNN. I gather he has a book coming out, presumably with cooperation from stalwarts like Omarosa. He wants attention and Trump bashing is the easiest path to it. Naturally he called Trump a fascist and when pressed on why, all he could spit out was Trump “pressuring” Israel to ban Omar and Tlaib from Israel. The host laughed and said nobody forced Netanyahu to do anything he didn’t want to do. He’s also calling for someone to replace Trump as nominee for 2020.

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