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Hillary Clinton’s Emails Were All Sent to a Mysterious Gmail Account

What did the Obama administration do to protect Hillary and target her political opponents?

The MSM couldn’t care less.

Fortunately, they are paying attention at the Daily Caller:

  • ll but four of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails were copied, likely secretly, to a Gmail address called, according to a new Senate report.
  • The FBI says that the account was linked to Paul Combetta, an IT aide Clinton hired who used BleachBit to destroy emails after they were subpoenaed and misled FBI agents.
  • Combetta said he sent all of her emails to the Gmail account as part of trying to copy them to a new server. Combetta was copying Clinton’s emails off of an old laptop that he was supposed send back in the mail, but there’s no evidence he returned it, according to the Department of Justice Inspector General.
  • When an intel agent discovered the copying to a third-party account, he said Peter Strzok seemed uninterested. The intel agency feared the email account could be a link to a foreign power, but the FBI refused to explain it to them

5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Emails Were All Sent to a Mysterious Gmail Account”

  1. Not true:
    Hillary’s husband is found lying on the living room floor with a huge gash in his forehead and a 9in kitchen knife plunged into his chest.
    Next day headline in any MSM:
    Hillary’s Depressed Husband Commits Suicide
    We’ve known for years that Hillary used an illegal server to communicate with people and that some of that communication was or is classified information. She violated the law, she is guilty, but because of the two-tiered legal system she won’t be charged with a crime. Ever.

  2. Interesting that the IG investigator, did basic research that found that a company with a similar name as the gmail account, Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Machinery Co., based in Shandong, China. Piling higher and deeper.

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