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Warren Pulls Even With Biden in New National Poll of Dems

Elizabeth Warren is in a statistical with Joe Biden’s in the latest national poll of Democratic voters, suggesting the former vice president and aspiring octogenarian’s faltering performance on the campaign trail may be catching up with him.

A new Economist/YouGov poll puts Joe at 21 percent and Liz at 20 percent nationally. Bernie is the only other candidate in double digits, with 16 percent, followed by Kamala at 8 percent. Beto has 5 percent, which means he still has a chance and which is too bad, because he is very annoying.

Cory Booker, is vies with Beto for the most annoying candidate in the field, is at 2 percent and badly needs a Spartacus moment.

Several candidates were at zero percent. You know, the ones you’d expect. Which suggests the field may be thinning soon.

8 thoughts on “Warren Pulls Even With Biden in New National Poll of Dems”

  1. I know Dems. Biden was the frontrunner because the Dems knew he wasn’t the radical socialist with pipe dreams of how fast they could spend 19 trillion dollars. Then, someone convinced him to get on the socialist train, but he only managed to find the caboose.

    IMO, the candidates polling near the bottom are the only ones who could give MrTrump a real opponent in the upcoming election. Most are somewhat logical, in the center, and don’t cause puzzled looks at some of the claims the others use for attention.
    Unless the Dems find some hideous, horrible event that involved MrTrump, their 3 years of crying ‘wolf, wolf!’ only dulled anything mundane they might find in his tax returns or who knows?

  2. the only thing that could derail Trump is an economic meltdown… oh wait…

    Actually this will correct… Economy is too vibrant.


  3. When a screwball like Elizabeth Warren catches up with another screwball like Joe Biden in their desperate attempt to live in the White House, it means, well, nothing. Neither one has the slightest chance of becoming POTUS. It is fun, though, to watch them try to clumsily sell themselves to the electorate, one gaff at a time.

    1. So, who is going to be the nominee? I’m thinking Booker. He’s not white, is kind of good looking, really stupid, highly emotional. That is all it seems to take to be a Dem candidate. If he coverts to Islam, he’s in.

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