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New York Post Does Godfather Sendup of the Cuomos

This is not funny. Don’t laugh. I repeat, this is not funny.

At least one newspaper hasn’t been slain by political correctness.

Here’s what’s causing the trouble.

8 Responses to New York Post Does Godfather Sendup of the Cuomos

    • I thought it already was, back in 2013:
      “Tiger Puts Balls In Wrong Place Again.”

      And then there were all the pun-ishing headlines involving Anthony Weiner…

  1. It’s hard to believe, but there is a convoluted connection between “Fredo” and football.
    As “Fredo” is about to go fishing, he recites the Catholic “Hail Mary” prayer, but it doesn’t keep him from being killed.
    When a football team is on the verge of a loss, they execute a “Hail Mary” play that is a do or die action, i.e., throw the football into the endzone hoping the right guy catches it.

    Poor Cuomo, the “stepped over” needs his own “Hail Mary” to stay politically and professionally alive.

  2. All of this Fredo stuff got me thinking about the great John Cazale…every film he was in during his short career was highly acclaimed – The Godfather I and II, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, and The Deer Hunter…all five nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, with three of them winning.

  3. YouTube Troll: Yeah, let’s talk business – first you’re all done. The Cuomo’s don’t have that kind of muscle anymore. You’re getting chased out of New York by AOC and the rest of ‘the squad’
    What do you think is going on here?

    Andrew: Is that why you called my brother the N-Word in public?

    Fredo: Aw, now that, that was nothin’, Andy. He didn’t mean nothin’ by that. Besdies – he didnt reeeeally say “the N-word” he just called me Fredo. Yeah, sure he flies off the handle every once in a while, but me and him, we’re good friends – he had no idea that what he said was the same as using the “N-Word”

    YouTube Troll: I got a business to run. I gotta kick asses sometimes to make it run right. We had a little argument, Freddy and me, so I had to straighten him out.

    Andrew: You straightened my brother out?

    YouTube Troll: He was banging Social Justice Warriors two at a time! Protestors couldn’t get 10 seconds in front of the cameras!
    What’s the matter with you?

  4. I don’t even know what “I’ll ruin your shit” means. Haven’t thought of the “Godfather” films in decades — can’t believe some people are living them in their tiny brains.

    If someone threatened me with, “I’ll ruin your shit,” I’d stare at him in bewilderment. How does one ruin shit?