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Video || Joe Biden’s Racial Gaffes

He’s not a racist. He said a few off-color things here and there. And he got friendly with some segregationists in the Senate in the 1970s. That was not unusual back then.

Still, this is pretty funny, given that Biden would eagerly use a video like this against President Trump

4 Responses to Video || Joe Biden’s Racial Gaffes

  1. Almost all of the “gaffes” have some truth in them, just not PC-kind of truths.
    It wasn’t until he had to face off with the deranged new Dems that he began to name-call or insult on purpose.
    There is a reason why Biden is still the front-runner in a field of crazy – he’s not THAT crazy.
    The Dem candidates can’t see past the faux Twitter posts or the nasty MSM’s wanting to see MrTrump’s blood flowing out of the Oval Office. They should closely examine just why Biden is at the top, figure out what the Dem base is really thinking.
    They won’t. Too bad.

  2. Of course he isn’t a racist and neither is Donald Trump. They both have a habit of jumbling their words and then saying that people knew what they meant. If you look back in time, you will have a hard time finding anyone – politician or otherwise, who didn’t work or socialize with someone who by today’s standards might not be politically correct.

  3. This reminds me of the treatment that Gerald Ford got when he was President. Every mistake and stumble was gleefully reported as proof that he was a fool.

    The MSM is trying to destroy Biden.

    Now, why would this be the goal of the globalists who are guiding the MSM and the useful fool Progs. Who do they want? What do they hope to put in place through this person’s candidacy?