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Video || Bernie Sanders Says Climate Change is Our Top National Security Issue

Where is the press pointing out that this is nuts? Well, they can’t, because it comports with political correctness. And also, they think he is factually correct.

I gather our chief concern with nuclear war must be that it could accelerate global warming. I mean, the nuclear clouds and all the debris floating above could trap heat on the earth’s surface. Now that’s scary!

Maybe this is Bernie’s plan: Replace the Navy with tugboats to drag the icebergs back to Greenland.

7 thoughts on “Video || Bernie Sanders Says Climate Change is Our Top National Security Issue”

  1. Let’s say for a moment that global warming is real… and that it is from man-made efforts…. Wait.. I have to compose myself again… Anyway…. if that were the case, why the hell are we picking on the USA and not China and the other polluters?

    I know the answer…

    1. I was thinking the same thing. For starters he needs to go to Brazil and tell them to stop cutting down the Amazon rain forest. The trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

  2. Apparently Climate Change causes people in 3rd world countries to become unemployed, so all they have left to do is become terrorists against the US. /Harf

  3. The nuclear cloud cover or volcano dust cover would cool the earth as it blocked the rays from our Sun.
    We’re OK with that here in AZ. It’s really hot here now. (not hotter than ever, just normal hot)

    Bernie could lead the way by foregoing all jet and auto travel. A horse and buggy would be a good start. He could discard all his belongings that were formed/made with byproducts of fossil fuels – like his socks, elastic tighty-whiteys, his TV/phone/computer etc.

  4. Unfortunately, Progs are creating an army of emotionally addictive people. They react at top emotional volume to the news that a ne’er-do-well illegal died after being deported — strange that his blood family in the old county didn’t take him in, isn’t it? They react at the same top volume when they hear ice is melting. And they suck up like pure oxygen any hateful statement about Donald Trump.

    This army is united, of one mind, and dangerous because they are so easily led.

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