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Video || Liberals Knocking Off Hats and Knocking In Heads of Trump Supporters

As Dennis Miller said in his “The Dennis Miller Option” podcast this week, there are “a lot of people with love in their hearts who want you dead if you’re not as loving as them.”

17 thoughts on “Video || Liberals Knocking Off Hats and Knocking In Heads of Trump Supporters”

  1. I want to get a MAGA hat and wear it, but I’m not in good enough health to handle physical confrontations. And if I were seriously hurt, I have people who depend on me and my being as able as I can remain.

    So, right there, the Left has won by making me afraid to wear a MAGA hat.

      1. OMG!
        GM do indeed think alike.
        I only had to deploy my ASP once while wearing my MAGA hat.
        Assumed a defensive posture as recommended.
        Nitwit walked away muttering profanity’s, but he did it while walking away.
        At 70 to old to go knuckle to knuckle with young thugs thus my need for a little help from my friend.

  2. Dam-n.
    It’s just crazy. I would love to wear a Trump hat or shirt, but Tucson is so liberal now…I’m just afraid to. One Trump supporter here was beaten so badly his foot was crushed & only connected to his leg by skin.

      1. Word is the FBI is investigating.

        They haven’t decided whether he committed suicide, or…died trying to escape.

        (If you get the reference.)

      1. I just got back from my gym, which always has MSNBC and CNN on their TVs, and two fellow gym members were talking about Epstein…one said to the other – with a straight face – “Trump must have wanted to shut him up,” and the other nodded in agreement.

        The Derangement continues.

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