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Dumb Idea: Sanders, Booker, Warren, and Castro Campaigns are Unionized

This is hilarious. Imagine the leverage they have. They could threaten to go on strike a few days before the Iowa caucuses!

From the Washington Examiner:

Competing in the largest primary field in history, 2020 Democratic presidential contenders are affiliating with labor unions and offering lavish benefits to campaign staff to attract talent and bolster their liberal bona fides.

But those employment decisions could spell disaster, leading to profligate spending and inflexible work schedules, handing a major boost to President Trump in the 2020 general election.

Traditionally, presidential campaigns are staffed by young political junkies who operate on little sleep and almost no money, fueled by their idealistic fervor and sustained by the hope that their selfless service could eventually be rewarded with a job in the White House.

In 2020, that is changing as campaign staff demand the type of pay and benefits more associated with 9-to-5 office jobs and commutes to and from suburbia.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Julián Castro have all opted to allow their campaign workers to unionize. A fifth candidate, Eric Swalwell, had unionized staff affiliated with Teamsters Local 238 but dropped out, citing financial woes as one of the reasons he ended his campaign.

Even those without unionized employees are spending lavishly. Beto O’Rourke is offering a minimum starting salary for staffers in Iowa of $50,400, with regional field directors banking a minimum of $62,400

2 thoughts on “Dumb Idea: Sanders, Booker, Warren, and Castro Campaigns are Unionized”

  1. IBEW? Teamsters? Here’s how this is going to work: The union organizers present a contract approved by the workers to the candidate that includes a hefty deduction for UNION DUES that will then be sent to the DNC or to anyone the union guys like. If anything happens, the workers can go on strike at any time for any reason and NO ONE will dare walk into those jobs, leaving the candidate with his family as his whole campaign staff.
    The unionized workers will insist that only products made by fellow unionists or services provided by other unionists be allowed in the campaign. No private jets flown by non-union pilots, no Starbucks anythings, no Pizza Hut treats, only unionized printers, etc.
    They will discover that the staffers can’t set up folding chairs at a venue, because there is probably a union of someones who do that.
    Oh, this is too delicious. The Dem candidates might as well just throw in the towel now.

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