As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Trump and Melania Visit Dayton, Ohio

Well, apparently not everyone didn’t want him there . . .

2 Responses to Video || Trump and Melania Visit Dayton, Ohio

  1. Running all over the internet, I find that I’m now a “white supremist” and should be eliminated from , well, everything. I used to be a common “racist, smelly shopper, ___phobe, and a hated deplorable”.
    We’re supposed to believe that we are a tiny minority, hiding in a country of ‘woke’ and compassionate souls, but there’s a photo of someone smiling standing next to the POTUS, the hated Orange Man Bad.
    The MSM all over the country thought it was more newsworthy to show the dozen protesters who appeared when MrTrump visited Dayton and El Paso as if these people reflected the thoughts of 300 million others, instead of those who were honored by his compassionate words.